Savouring the Season

OCC_001 Gray Scale + GradSpring is a time for eating and drinking local. Garrison Brewing’s Tall Ship Amber Ale is perfectly poised to pair with our province’s cornucopia of seafood. It’s light and crisp and is great to wash down lobster, scallops and mussels. Try Boxing Rock Brewing’s Temptation Red with a young Nova Scotia Gouda cheese. The sharp bitterness and smooth malty backbone complements the mild creaminess of Gouda. Visit your local farmers’ market for a fresh selection. Propeller Brewery’s Organic Ale is a versatile brew so why not have a little fun? Toss a local chicken salad, fry up some Annapolis Valley veggies with pasta, or try this clean, sweet beer with a grass-fed beef burger. ~~ Tracy Phillippi, Beer Consultant,

Spring makes me think about forest green fiddleheads and farm-fresh asparagus from our land, briny sweet scallops, mussels and lobster from our sea, and that first taste of Tidal Bay wine. The Tidal Bay designation was conceived to reflect a white wine style inherently Nova Scotian. Crisp, lively and aromatic, often with a mere hint of sweetness, it is a style that cannot be reproduced or rivaled anywhere else on earth. It is ours exclusively. And it is delicious! With one taste, you will discover a magic like no other. When I think about what’s fresh, available and local in the springtime, I think of Tidal Bay. Three terrific ones found on the shelves of the NSLC are Domaine de Grand Pré, Luckett Vineyards and Benjamin Bridge. ~~ Evelyn Friedrich, Sommelier, Coordinator Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards,

It’s wonderful to consider what food trends lay ahead for us in 2015, and as much as I could wax on about how cauliflower is the new red meat, or how we’ll be lining up for bone broth at cafés, I’m keeping it broad strokes here. What’s old is new again, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of wild, foraged and fermented foods. This is how our grandparents used to eat – everything from our own backyard – local, seasonal and then stretching those offerings year round. I can pickle that! From New York to Cape Breton Island, the tasting menu is definitely happening, and what’s not to love about a curated evening of inspired dishes by the chef tableside. Check out The Brooklyn Warehouse, The Bite House and Ratinaud’s Kitchen Table. We’re on the East Coast, where seafood reigns supreme, but truth is, most of our bounty is shipped out of province. However, many chefs, restaurants and businesses, like Afishionado, are working hard to put local sustainable seafood on your plate for the long haul. And finally, it’s spring! It’s time to get out there, embrace it and eat and drink in the great outdoors. ~~ Lia Rinaldo, Managing Director, Devour! The Food Film Fest

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