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We’re throwing on an extra sweater as we head into one of the best seasons in Nova Scotia. Say goodbye to sweet summer vibes and hello to fall colours, crisp air and harvest time.
There’s no shortage of fun new places to hang in Halifax this fall. Two of them just happen to be focusing on iconic cocktails and globally inspired, yet seasonal Nova Scotia small plates for sharing (AKA the best way to eat!). Check out Lot Six Bar & Restaurant on Argyle Street where some of Halifax’s star mixologists are now calling home and Chef Craig Flinn’s Temple Bar Cocktails & Kitchen on Barrington Street.
Your food is about to get dressed up and dressed down. Hot dogs are not simply hot dogs anymore, especially when they are handcrafted from scratch. Check out TDOGS and their whereabouts on streetfoodapp.com/Halifax. And let’s debunk the myth around caviar and Champagne as luxury items only. Did you know that caviar is actually one of the healthiest gourmet foods, packed with polyunsaturated fats (Omega 3s) and vitamins? So, for your health’s sake, try Acadian Sturgeon Caviar Inc., available at many Halifax restaurants and online. And this is not so much a trend as a bit of a directive — to get out, enjoy and see the bounty of what our province has to offer around harvest time first hand. Is there anything better than an autumn afternoon road trip to the valley? Hit up the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, stay for lunch, collecting produce as you go and finish it all with a glass of wine and a sunset view on the patio at Luckett Vineyards.

Lia Rinaldo, Managing Director, Devour!
The Food Film Festiva

Bold Brews

As the weather cools off, I find myself wanting bolder foods and I gravitate to bolder beer styles such as pale ales and fall brews. Beer is seasonal, just as food is. Brewers experiment with in-season ingredients to craft unique styles such as maple ales or spiced pumpkin brews. The beauty of autumn beers is they’re made to pair well with fall food, so it’s hard to go wrong when choosing one to accompany dinner. Some year-round brews, especially those from the Pale Ale family, will also go the extra mile when pairing with autumnal dishes. A savoury squash soup with apple and sage finds happy company with Guysborough County’s Rare Bird Pale Ale. An IPA pairs brilliantly with hearty, spicy dishes like chili or curries. A glass of Pictou County’s Uncle Leo’s India Pale Ale will complement the warming spices without overpowering your dish. A very sweet dessert is balanced by the intense bitterness of a double IPA. Try carrot cake and cream cheese icing paired with Shelburne’s Boxing Rock The Vicar’s Cross Double IPA.
Angeline MacLennan is a Certified Cicerone® and writes about beer on her site www.palealewife.wordpress.com

Fruitful Abundance

In ancient Roman times, the celebration of the fall equinox was dedicated to Pomona, the mythical goddess of fruitful abundance. Today, in modern times, how we pay tribute to this changing of the season – the harvest,
the land and its bounty — includes many celebrations and customary ways of giving thanks. They are steeped in tradition and widely embraced by our communities. Let’s pay tribute this fall and honour the season of plenty and give thanks by raising our glasses filled with the splendor of one of our award-winning local wines. For a crisp and light style, and as fresh as a September morning, try Blomidon Estate’s Unoaked Chardonnay. It’s refreshing and lively — this wine makes a perfect match paired with local seafood. If you are looking for a perfect accompaniment to those fall vegetable comfort dishes or even grilled fish, try Avondale Sky Tennycape, an aromatic blend of traditional white varieties delivering tropical fruit, hints of warm spice and mineral notes. And when looking for a pairing for a hearty fall stew, game meats and roasted root vegetables, try Domaine de Grand Pré Baco Noir, a medium-bodied red wine that delivers deep, dark berry fruit aromatics and a long finish of cherry and spice.
Evelyn Friedrich, CAPSAC Sommelier, Coordinator Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards

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