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While grapes may be the cream of the crop, they’re not the only berry that can yield sublime wines. Nova Scotia’s vintners have been fermenting the juice from alternative fruits for decades, creating liquid wonders that are perfect for casual sipping as well as making an inspired match with a variety of local dishes, especially our own cheeses. Opening your mind and fi lling your glass with Lunenburg County’s Blueberry wine ($13.99), Muwin’s Raspberry wine ($13.99) or Luckett’s Scarlett Apple Cranberry ($15.99) will have you wondering why grapes get all the glory.

IMG_0153_DutchmensGoudaSay Fromage

Speaking of cheese, Nova Scotia’s artisan cheesemakers are giving their international competitors a run for their curds and whey. Though That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm in Upper Economy is famous for its incredible Dragon’s Breath Blue (excellent with a homegrown icewine or big fruity red) They also make crazy good Gouda that will pair nicely with a local red blend or a Tidal Bay white. The Annapolis Valley’s Fox Hill Cheese House is in the heart of Nova Scotia wine country. Their signature cheese is Fenugreek Havarti; try it with L’Acadie Blanc or a rustic red Marechal Foch.

Open packet of crisps on whiteFizz & Chips

Looking for a new occasion to crack open a bottle of local sparkling wine? It’s as simple as buying a bag of potato chips. I’m serious. Their fat, salt and flavour balance (especially when things get sweet or spicy) work brilliantly with a flute filled with the dry, mousse-y goodness of our worldclass bubblies.



Stay Tuned

Nothing enhances the enjoyment of food and wine like a good soundtrack. Download — or better yet, spin the vinyl versions of — these latest releases from local artists.

Aqua AltaAqua Alta, Dreamsphere 

Jenn Grant’s vocals sound lush, ethereal and effortless.

Sloan CommonwealthSloan, Commonwealth 

Halifax’s original power pop band takes some inspiration from The Beatles “White” album.

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}Christina Martin, It’ll Be Alright
Melodic, inspired and jam-packed with rock and roll.


Joel Plaskett - The Park Avenue Sobriety TestJoel Plaskett, The Park Avenue Sobriety Test
Mr. Dartmouth gets introspective and he’s never sounded better.


In-Flight Safety - ConversationalistIn-Flight Safety, Conversationalist
Their haunting vocals and atmospheric guitar work will give you something to talk about.


Peter Rockwell is a Wine Category Manager at the NSLC. In each issue he will be serving up entertaining ideas and tips that are ‘freshly pressed.‘

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