Freshly Pressed


Stop and Smell the Aromas

Though white wines sometimes take a backseat  to reds during the winter months, with a change  of season comes the opportunity to explore whites  with unique aromatics that  spring from the glass.  Get your nose close to France’s Les Jamelles Viognier ($14.99), Germany’s Winzerkeller  Baden Gewürztraminer ($13.49) and Ontario’s Pelee Island Lighthouse Riesling VQA ($14.99) and ponder the perfume.

Keep  it Simple

Simplicity is the bartending term of 2016. Easy-to-make cocktails with basic ingredients are on trend with my favourite springtime sipper – Pimm’s No. 1 Cup ($27.98) — catching on with both professional and home bartenders. The Brits have been enjoying a  shot over ice with lemonade since it was invented in England in 1823. You can jazz up your glass by stirring in some mint, a slice or two of orange and a few strawberries, along with a slice of cucumber to garnish. Entertaining a group? Try serving it by the pitcher.


Caesar Pleaser

While it doesn’t take a degree in engineering to  build a Bloody Caesar, having all the non-alcoholic ingredients in one bottle does make mixology a lot less complicated. Uncle Dougie’s Hail Yeah! Bloody Caesar Mix is available at most grocery stores and is a refreshing alternative to the mainstream clamato juice producers. Super thick,  it comes in two styles —  Rich N’ Juicy and Rich N’ Spicy. Just add your favourite vodka.

Vino on Video

While some wine-themed documentaries can be as dull as a cheap corkscrew, both newbies and experts will find these five flicks as entertaining as they are informative.


A Year in Burgundy (2013) – Taking on the monumental task of trying to explain France’s Burgundy region, this doc does a great job humanizing its complexity.


A Year in Champagne (2014) – This second installment in the “Year  of” franchise heads to the home of the world’s best bubblies.

Blood into Wine

Blood into Wine (2010) – When not pumping out prog-metal as the leader  of Tool, singer Maynard James Keenan makes wine in Arizona. Yes, Arizona.


Red Obsession (2013) – Russel Crowe narrates this fascinating story of how China saved France’s Bordeaux region (well,  sort of).


Somm: Into the Bottle (2016) – Happily this sequel to 2013’s Somm has the sommeliers talking more about wine and less about themselves.

Peter Rockwell is a Wine Category Manager  at the NSLC. In each issue he will be serving up entertaining ideas and tips that are ‘freshly pressed.‘

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