After a long cold winter, spring can be a welcome sight, bringing colour and warmth back into our lives.  We can pick up on the same cues  in home décor as we do in nature —  as the grass grows and small flowers start to blossom, the burst of new growth and colour can be great inspiration.

1.  Small updatesWhen we talk about small updates for spring in your home décor, it typically means simple, basic changes. Look for things that are easy and inexpensive to update, like candles, pillows, vases and small decorative accessories.  Sometimes just adding one small new item to a coffee table or mantel can make a difference. Or if you want to go bolder, go with larger accessories like a new colourful rug or bright piece of artwork on a focal wall.

2.  Brighter coloursIf you love colour, the spring can be a great time to bring in some new, brighter accessories. The vibrancy can perk up your home decor and give your home a lift.

3.  Lighter texturesThink about incorporating lighter textures in your home, too. This might mean a soft light drapery instead of something heavy and dark. Think of light airy fabrics that have a soft flowing texture.

4.  Mix patternsIt can be nice to mix a few different patterns in one bright colour palette in the spring. If you go with yellow, look for the exact same colour in different patterns.  The one main colour can tie everything together, so you can mix graphics, stripes or dots.

5.  FlowersLast but not least, bringing in bright, fresh flowers is  an instant way to add a spring-like feel to your home decor.  A large bouquet of bright blossoms can be  the fastest way to infuse some pretty spring colours in your home decor.

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