Coastal chic

Beach inspired decor NSLC summer (© Deb Nelson Design)You can create that relaxed, casual cottage feel by incorporating a few small decorative accessories or you can make more significant changes like a new wall colour or upholstery fabric. Here are a few ways to bring that beachy feel to your home.

1. Colour scheme
Often light, natural colours inspired by nature can bring a new look to your décor. Think about the colour of a seashell for inspiration on a slipcover or drapery. White bead board creates a classic, timeless look that quickly gives that cottage look. You can add the panels to walls or ceilings to add an interesting architectural detail. Another idea is to add some vibrant blue and white to a room. This can be achieved with pillows, blankets or even napkins on a dining table. This is a crisp, fresh colour combination that really lends itself to a classic seaside feel.

2. Texture
Items like rope, jute and sisal add a relaxed, cottage feel. They are natural materials in light colours that can also be quite durable. You can consider items wrapped in rope, like lamps. You can even use a think, chunky piece of rope to make seaside inspired napkin rings. A natural jute or sisal rug in a space adds texture without too much colour or pattern. They look great when paired with white or ivory slip covered furniture and can be very durable if used in a front entryway.

3. Natural items
Consider displaying a collection of seashells or beach glass in large, clear jars or vases. It’s even more fun if you spend the summer adding to the collection and then can show off your finds. These collections can be used as a centrepiece on a dining table or as a display on a fireplace mantel and they can’t help but remind you of the beach.

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