Cognac: A luxurious taste of history


Mark DeWolf|Cocktail Confidential   The Cognac region, with its gentle rolling hills and sleepy country towns, lays a short drive north of Bordeaux and just a quick river barge ride away from the Atlantic Ocean. Here in quiet cellars, blissfully unaware of the world around them, rests some of the world’s most luxurious spirits. Their…

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Beer Book Baskets


Mark DeWolf|Beer Building Blocks   If you just can’t bring yourself to give your husband another tie, or your wife another bottle of perfume this holiday season, then consider appealing to their sense of sight, taste and smell this season by creating a special beer-inspired gift basket accompanied with a book on the subject. A…

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Three great wines for the holidays


Mark DeWolf|Wine Discovery   If you’re like me, you can almost smell the turkey or prime rib roasting in the oven. It’s Christmas time, which in my home means a great excuse to celebrate with wines I’ve been eying over the past year. Superb with Seafood Many of my friends celebrate New Year’s with a…

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Devilishly Good


Kathy Jollimore|Cooking Class Devilled eggs have always been a crowd favourite, quickly disappearing from many holiday parties. Inspired by Korean flavours, this version offers a spicy, sour, sweet and savoury take on the classic. Kimchi Bacon Deviled Eggs Makes 12 Prep time: Less than 30 minutes Total time: Less than 1 hour 6 eggs 1/2…

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Hey, Hey Beaujolais!


Mark DeWolf There is a joyous nature to the release of Beaujolais Nouveau. The annual event takes place tomorrow, where every year, Beaujolais producers release their freshly fermented grape juice on the third Thursday of November. Beaujolais Nouveau seems to transcend its wine-ness. In truth, it is a wine style that isn’t about contemplation or…

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Vietnamese cuisine; local beer pairing


‘When it comes to the brews to pair, I often instinctively reach for a similarly light and fragrant style. While American-style Pales Ales would have the citrus tones to match, their bold flavours often overpower the light texture of classic Vietnamese dishes . . .’ Mark DeWolf I’ve always loved Vietnamese cuisine. The flavour is…

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Alberta Premium Rye Whiskies


The start of a great Canadian rye cocktail Mark DeWolf The rye revolution has begun. Whisky enthusiasts, who had long passed by the “rye whisky” section, are now seeking out versions made with a large amount, and even 100 per cent, rye. By law, Canadian whisky familiarly known as rye whisky, is typically made from…

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French cooking, made easy


Kathy Jollimore|Cooking Class This simple one pot dinner is brimming with the classic French combination of chicken and tarragon. I’ve used fingerling potatoes in this recipe but you can substitute with your favourite root vegetable. Make this meal complete by serving with a side salad. See our Here’s How for a simple herb vinaigrette recipe….

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For many of us, our favourite cream liqueurs are as much a part of the holiday celebrations as roast turkey dinner. While you can enjoy cream liqueurs neat or over ice, they also make wonderful additions to coffee or seasonal cocktails. Forty Creek Cream Liqueur Egg Nog 1 egg yolk It’s not eggnog unless it’s…

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Freshly Pressed


By Peter Rockwell Roll out the glassware While most Nova Scotians will say that any glass is a rum glass, the Final Touch Rum Roller ($30, will put a new spin on their favourite spirit. Resembling a stubby wine decanter, its wide bottom has enough space for two stainless steel chilling balls (included) that,…

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