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Wine Folly and Wine Discovery
Does the language of wine intimidate you? Wine Folly’s Madeline Puckette is changing the way we talk and think about wine. Her Wine Folly site is routed in a simpler enjoyment of wine through a common-sense and often humorous approach to wine. The new approach has even influenced retailers. With our new Wine Discovery Guide we’ve made finding the right wine a little easier. Go to our website and take our Wine Discovery Guide Quiz to discover your favourite wine style.

Coravin 2 + Path

Rocket Science
Well, it’s not quite rocket science, but the new Coravin Wine Access system was nominated for a 2014 Edison Award. This hand-held device allows you all the wine preserving benefi ts of more expensive and cumbersome machines without ever having to remove a cork. How does it work? The Coravin inserts a thin, hollow needle through the cork in the bottle of wine. As it extracts the wine, it fills and pressurizes the bottle with argon, an inert gas. You get to enjoy a sample, or glass of the wine, while the remainder of the bottle continues to be preserved as the wine inside was never exposed to oxygen. It’s a great tool for those wishing to have a single glass of wine, and enjoy the rest of the bottle at a later date. Or why not host a wine-tasting party for two? The Coravin allows you to have a sample of each wine now, and finish the rest later.






0016057_decantus-wine-aerator-pourer-classicPoly What?
Most red wine lovers have been taught to decant young red wines. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that exposing the wine to oxygen is the desired goal. It isn’t. When it is left to breathe for too long, a red wine may lose its vibrant fruit flavours. Many of the benefits of decanting occur with the first vigorous pour, when the oxygen and tannins collide. Through the process of polymerization, this forceful exchange transforms some of the tannins into longer molecular chains. The longer chains provide a softer mouth feel, reducing the impression of tannic bitterness of the wine. Vinturi has developed an aerator that assists with the tannin polymerization process so you don’t need to bother with decanting.

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