OCC_001What could be more festive than a red-hued cocktail featuring the legendary flavours of Grand Marnier? Place all the liquid ingredients in an ice-filled rocks glass, stir and garnish with a cranberry skewered with a rosemary sprig.

Grand Marnier – This iconic orange flavoured liqueur was originally created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. Its distinctive, pure orange flavour and iconic bottle wrapped in a red ribbon secured with a regal red wax seal has made it one of the world’s most recognized brands. For this recipe, you’ll need an ounce and a half of Grand Marnier.
Simple syrup – Simple syrup, which is made by dissolving sugar in hot water, is a great way to add balancing sweetness without adjusting the overall flavour of the cocktail.
Fresh lemon juice – The lemon juice brings all the flavours to life in this cocktail. You don’t need much. Half an ounce will do.
Cranberries – A cranberry makes a great garnish to this vibrant drink.
Cranberry juice – An ounce and a half of cranberry juice adds a distinctive red hue to this cocktail and a wonderful tang to balance the sweetness of the liqueur. Terra Beata, a local cranberry juice producer, is available in most grocery stores. It has a stronger, drier flavour profile compared to more commonly found international brands, so add a little extra simple syrup if using Terra Beata cranberry juice.
Rosemary – Rosemary is the final touch. The original recipe for this cocktail (also known as La Vie en Rouge) calls for muddling rosemary with simple syrup before adding in the other ingredients, but we think it’s enough to skewer a cranberry with a sprig of rosemary and simply add it to the cocktail as a final touch. This provides a fresh scent and an elegant, festive appearance

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