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When you’re entertaining, give yourself time to have everything prepared and ready to go before your guests arrive

The holiday season is a wonderful time to entertain family and friends. But it can also be a hectic time of year, so keeping things stylish and simple can be the way to go.

When you’re entertaining, give yourself time to have everything prepared and ready to go before your guests arrive. Keep it simple by setting up an area where people can serve themselves — either with food or a bar.
Have your playlist set with a mix of your favourite holiday music and a candle with a festive scent.

For the decor, you can include items that have a big impact but don’t cost a lot or take much time to get set up. For instance, a large vase with some tall branches or boughs can add drama to your table or room, and a few red ornaments give it that holiday vibe. And don’t feel like you have to cover every single surface in holiday décor. Pick a couple of key focal points and focus on creating some impact there, like the mantel and the centrepiece in the dining room or kitchen.

For your holiday decor, it can be easier to pick one colour scheme and use it throughout. For example go with classic red and add ornaments, textiles, dishes or accessories in that one colour throughout your space. Using one colour will look consistent and have more impact when used in repetition.

Think outside the box and include some unique items in your holiday decorating too. Look around at what you have — an antique luge or elegantly wrapped gifts placed around your space can create a festive look that all of your guests will enjoy.

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