11645982_xl-sharpshutterEmbrace the spirit of giving by gifting a premium liqueur. Most have remarkably beautiful packaging that requires little in terms of extra decoration. Often, all that is required is a little ribbon and a gift tag. On the gift tag, handwrite a favourite cocktail recipe
that uses the liqueur for a personal element. If you want to add a little elegance to the package, add a cocktail book, an elegant cocktail glass or tumbler. Halifax’s own NovaScotian Crystal has a number of beautiful options available. A great gift for the beer lover in your family is a ready-made beer tasting. Craft, artisanal and imported beer has never been more popular than it is now. Here’s what you’ll need to include:

Beer Tasting Glasses – The best all-purpose glasses have a tulip shape, such as Spiegelau’s Stemmed Pilsner Glasses (, Le Baladin Beer Glass ( or the Teku Beer Glass by Rastal ( along with downloaded tasting sheets ( and a selection of beers representing different styles. Use the new Beer Discovery Guide to help you make your selections or consult with a Retail Product Specialist at your local NSLC store.

Occasions Recommends
Gahan Sampler Pack, 4 x 500 ml, $14.95
Unibroue Sommelier Collection, 6 x 341 ml, $13.99
Guinness Irish Beer Discovery Pack, 8 x 440 ml, $23.98
Glenora Glen Breton Rare, 750 ml, $79.99
Sea Fever Amber Rum, 750 ml, $34.99

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