Hockey Rinks, Homemade Cookies & Hot Chocolate: At home in Dartmouth with Portland Street NSLC Retail Product Specialist Danielle White

Danielle White, NSLC Retail Product Specialist

Danielle White, NSLC Retail Product Specialist

I’ve only lived in Dartmouth for about four years now. Growing up in Antigonish County, I’m used to everyone knowing everyone, or at least knowing my parents, so when I moved to Dartmouth I assumed I would lose that down-home feel. I was wrong. A lot of our neighbours were very excited to meet the new kids on the street. And working at the Portland Street NSLC with coworkers that grew up around here really helped to show me that it doesn’t matter how many people live in your community, there are still people that make it feel like home.

What are some of your favourite things to do in Dartmouth this time of year?

Winter around here to me is spending time in hockey rinks. I’ve been in many rinks in Dartmouth to cheer on various cousins at different levels of hockey. As silly as it sounds, winter also means going to local pools because there is not enough money in the world to get me in the ocean outside of the summer.

How about the holidays? Do you have any special traditions?

I love Christmas! Maybe it is because I have a large family that makes sure to have fun during the holidays, or that it reminds me of baking up a storm in my grandmother’s kitchen. I enjoy baking over the holidays. Cookies, bread, pies — they all smell like the holidays to me! But one of my go-to dishes over the holiday is homemade eggrolls. It’s a family tradition for us. I remember learning how to make them with my mother growing up. And my sisters and I carry on this tradition by getting together at the end of November every year to make up hundreds of eggrolls and promising not to eat any until the holidays!

Any advice on what to drink this time of year?

Adult hot chocolate is a drink I really enjoy on a cold winter night. Adding a little splash of Baileys or St-Rémy à la Crème to an after-dinner drink is always a cosy way to beat the cold. Of course, for holiday turkey dinners I always recommend a Pinot Noir or Gamay (Beaujolais). These light-bodied varietals don’t overpower the turkey and have red berry flavours that go great with cranberry sauce and stuffing. Yum!

Where Danielle Finds Comfort in Dartmouth

  1. Eats! Urban Lunch Counter – Gourmet sandwiches and delicious take-away food make this a great lunch stop or place to get a gourmet family meal to go.(250 Baker Drive)
  2. Coffee at Two If By Sea – The friendly atmosphere and great coffee gives you a lot of reasons to go there instead of the drive-thru. (66 Ochterloney Street)
  3. Eli’s Pizzeria & Sassy’s Pizza – Both pack a lot of meat on a pita. The latter is known for making home-made donair meat. It’s a place to try for sure. (47 Cranberry Crescent) & Sassy’s Pizza (971 Cole Harbour Rd)
  4. Sullivan’s Pond – When the pond freezes, I plan on venturing out with my son, who’s less than two years old, with a folding chair in hand (it’s how we all learned to skate growing up).
  5. Alderney Market – It’s in my holiday shopping plans … a great place to find little trinkets. (2 Ochterloney Street)
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