Uniquely Nova Scotian


A lot has changed in the Nova Scotia wine industry over the last number of years, but even as we see a rise in European vines such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir sprouting up in our vineyards, our classic grapes remain the French-American hybrid varieties that have been the strength of the industry for…

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Benjamin Bridge: Putting an International Spotlight on Nova Scotia


When it comes to Nova Scotia wines that are grabbing the world’s attention, one winery stands out. Gerry McConnell and his late wife, Dara Gordon, made a commitment to only produce world class products. With the support of internationally acclaimed winery consultant, Peter Gamble, they decided that traditional method – also known as méthode traditionelle…

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A sparkling Mother’s Day


Given the amount of work most moms do in the course of the year, it seems like a slight injustice that they we only have one day dedicated to them. So let’s make this one count. What better way to celebrate the day than by pampering her with a relaxing day and a glass of…

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Sauvignon Blanc: Unleashing Spring


Opening a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is like unleashing spring. The aroma profile of the grape echoes the flavour profile of the season as wines made from the grape can boast characteristics reminiscent of cut grass, citrus fruit, green vegetables and fresh herbs. Sometimes you’d swear you were eating a fresh spring salad, when in…

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April Fetzer: Rebellion in their Roots


There was a time when being an organic winery wasn’t a positive in terms of consumer perception. The first “organic” wines in the market came with mixed results. So when the Fetzer family starting growing grapes organically, they might have been seen as a little bit rebellious. According to David Koball, formerly Vineyard Director and…

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