Three great wines for the holidays


Mark DeWolf|Wine Discovery   If you’re like me, you can almost smell the turkey or prime rib roasting in the oven. It’s Christmas time, which in my home means a great excuse to celebrate with wines I’ve been eying over the past year. Superb with Seafood Many of my friends celebrate New Year’s with a…

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Hey, Hey Beaujolais!


Mark DeWolf There is a joyous nature to the release of Beaujolais Nouveau. The annual event takes place tomorrow, where every year, Beaujolais producers release their freshly fermented grape juice on the third Thursday of November. Beaujolais Nouveau seems to transcend its wine-ness. In truth, it is a wine style that isn’t about contemplation or…

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March Over to Le Marche


Mark DeWolf | Wine Discovery It’s said that Umbria lies in the shadow of Tuscany. The region doesn’t get the volume of tourists, nor do the names of its wines drip off the tongue like Chianti does. Then there is the Le Marche (leh mahr-kay), on the other side of Umbria, a province wedged between the…

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Soave and Valpolicella: Venetian treasures


Mark DeWolf | Wine Discovery Venice has long been considered one of Italy’s wealthiest cities. Its initial wealth can be attributed to its strategic position at the head of the Adriatic Sea, making it both a naval power and the most important center of trade connecting Europe with Asia and the Byzantine Empire. The city’s riches…

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Piedmont Reds

Mark DeWolf | Wine Discovery Piedmont may be in the shadow of the Alps but the sun is shining on its wine industry. Piedmont or Piemonte, as it’s known in Italy, is home to some of that country’s most revered wines as well as some of its least pretentious. The region is a veritable epicurean…

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Bordeaux Blends


Mark DeWolf California vintners in the 1960s and ’70s made grape varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon famous. Over the last decade, or two, California has returned to its roots as red blends are making a big comeback. Blended wines range from traditional Bordeaux blends (known in California as Meritage) made using the same…

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A Brave New World: McGuigan Wines


Mark DeWolf Australian vintners are accustomed to charting new courses. Australians having been planting grapes since the first settlers landed near Sydney in 1788. While the unforgiving — at least in terms of viticulture — climate of Sydney was a challenge for early Australia viticulturists, the industry did eventually develop when the industrious James Busby…

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Frescobaldi: The Artistry of Tuscan Wine

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Mark DeWolf It has been said the great wines of Tuscany are like fine art. They capture time, place and the passion of the artists that create them. Tuscany’s Frescobaldi family faithfully express the terroir and traditions of Tuscany in their products; an honour they have been performing for the past 700 years. Even though…

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