Rum’s Spice Blend


As discussed in last week’s column, spiced rum is a category without a lot of definition. Each producer has its own unique flavour profile based on the proprietary recipe used by each distillery to spice their rum.  Although there is a wide range of flavour profiles, there are some common spices (and herbs) used to…

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Spiced rum: Charting a new course for the rum category


Looking for a definition of spiced rum? You won’t find one. Rum, and consequentially the spiced rum category, is one of the least defined categories of spirits. Its very lack of definition is one reason that spiced rum is one of fastest growing categories in the spirits world. Industry stalwart Captain Morgan Amber Spiced Rum…

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Inspired by Cranberries


During the holiday season, anything red and green is most definitely in vogue — clothes, decorations, food and certainly cocktails! Cranberries are the ideal candidate as the official berry of the holiday season. Besides meeting the colour standard, cranberries offer a refreshing, bitter flavour — a quality used in a lot of beverages during the…

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Oatmeal Cookie Coffee


This issue we’ve transformed the comforting flavours of oatmeal cookies and fresh local roasted coffee into a spectacular cocktail. Each ingredient plays a vital role to the flavour profile of the cocktail. Put all our ingredients together for a great winter cocktail. Demerara Brown Sugar – Demerara brown sugar adds a subtle sweetness to your…

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