Crafting Summer-Inspired Cocktails


The NSLC’s recently introduced Mixology Discovery Guide is a simple way to discover new favourite mixed drinks and cocktail ideas. In stores, each spirit is identified as either a Base (no sugar added) or a Liqueur (sweetened and flavoured), and is accompanied with mix recommendations. In the case of some of the more complex and…

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Mixology discovery guide


The NSLC recently introduced their Mixology Discovery Guide, which has been designed to be a convenient and easy way for consumers to discover how to best use the spirits and liqueurs found on their store shelves. All of the NSLC spirits have been categorized into two broad taste profiles, ‘Base’ and ‘Liqueur.’ Base spirits are…

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Inspired by Ironworks Bluenose Rum

Cocktail 1

By Jared Wall, Level Bar at The Prince George Hotel, Halifax Lunenburg’s Ironworks distillery is crafting a reputation for their premium quality spirits and liqueurs including this rich, dark rum made from Crosby’s Molasses, a classic Maritime ingredient. Strike While the Iron is Cold 2 Servings 2 fl oz Ironworks Bluenose Rum 1/3 fl oz…

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Italian-Inspired Local Pairing


Nova Scotia’s Steinhart Distillery has crafted a reputation for its elegant, premium spirits. This week, the team from The Prince George has been inspired to transform Steinhart Organic Vodka into a delicious Italian-inspired cocktail and matched it to similarly Italian inspired salad recipe. Occasions Recommends Steinhart Organic Vodka, 750 ml $49.98 Next Week Jared gets…

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An Elegant pairing


By Jared Wall, LevelBar at The Prince George Hotel, Halifax Wine need not have a monopoly when it comes to food and drink pairing. The team at The Prince George have crafted an elegant pairing for a gin-based cocktail . Smooth Sailing  2 Servings 1 1/2 fl oz Plymouth Gin 1/2 fl oz Galliano 1…

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Faces of the Spirits Industry

Karina Sanchez, Brand Ambassador Casa Sauza Tequila

Karina was born and raised in Tequila country, fueling her pride for Mexico’s national spirit. At Casa Sauza, Karina oversees the distillery experience for their visitors to their Heritage Center. Tequila’s reputation is changing. No longer do bottles rest on the bottom of the back bar waiting for someone to order a shooter. The last…

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Get in the spirit of spring with these cocktails made with American distillates


By Jared Wall, LevelBar, The Prince George Hotel While Bourbon is America’s most identifiable spirit, there are a vast range of other distillates being produced south of the border. Of course, there is Tennessee whisky, which shares many similar attributes with Bourbon, a brown spirit commonly associated with Kentucky — although laws allow for its production anywhere…

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