Rum’s Spice Blend


As discussed in last week’s column, spiced rum is a category without a lot of definition. Each producer has its own unique flavour profile based on the proprietary recipe used by each distillery to spice their rum.  Although there is a wide range of flavour profiles, there are some common spices (and herbs) used to…

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Sparkling Wine: The Italian Way

cwSparklingWine Final

Getting to know Italian wines can be quite difficult, as the country is home to thousands of grape varieties and wine styles. Thankfully, getting to know Italian sparkling wine is comparatively easier than getting to know the wine industry as a whole. For the most part, Italian sparkling wine is made using the Charmat Method….

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Cider House Rules


In many parts of the world, including Canada, hard cider is the fastest growing segment of the beverage alcohol market. Its naturally refreshing character and typically restrained alcohol levels appeal to a consumer looking for an alternative to beer and those turning away from sweeter-edged coolers. Traditionally, cider lovers were almost exclusively middle-aged men. Now,…

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Sparkling Wine 101


Each week in our Wine Discovery feature, we will help you discover a wine region, style of wine or grape variety. The articles are grouped into educational series so you can come back each week to discover a new lesson. For the next six weeks, we’ll investigate the wonderful world of sparkling wines. A Toast…

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Say Cheese

caramelized onion and goat cheese dip-2

  Welcome to our cooking class. Each week, I’ll bring you a new recipe and how-to guide. Our first series celebrates cooking with cheese. I’ve long been in love with all things cheese. There’s simply nothing cheese can’t do. Like this warm, cheesy dip: the perfect game-day snack. The combination of caramelized onions and goat…

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Oatmeal Cookie Coffee


This issue we’ve transformed the comforting flavours of oatmeal cookies and fresh local roasted coffee into a spectacular cocktail. Each ingredient plays a vital role to the flavour profile of the cocktail. Put all our ingredients together for a great winter cocktail. Demerara Brown Sugar – Demerara brown sugar adds a subtle sweetness to your…

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Flavour Bridge


By Mark DeWolf Liquid Smoke If you’re as in love with the smell of bacon and other smoked foods as we are this time of year, you might just want to consider adding a little intrigue and smoky flavour into your drink mix. The Inorganics Believe it or not, the smell of tar is a…

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It’s Black & White: A Stout & Porter Retrospective


Stout and porter are the beer world’s answer to coffee and chocolate. These bold flavours shared by both beer styles make them distinctly different compared to other ales, but with a shared history and so many variations within each type of beer, it can be hard to decipher the differences between the two. Arguably the…

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