Nova Scotia’s Small-Scale Coastal Brewing Traditions


Mark DeWolf Halifax has deep-rooted beer making traditions connected to our coastal origins. Of course, we all know the story of Alexander Keith’s. The brewery was founded in 1820 by Alexander Keith, one of the most influential figures in our city’s history. His signature Alexander Keith’s IPA (India Pale Ale) became the preferred drink of…

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A Brave New World: McGuigan Wines


Mark DeWolf Australian vintners are accustomed to charting new courses. Australians having been planting grapes since the first settlers landed near Sydney in 1788. While the unforgiving — at least in terms of viticulture — climate of Sydney was a challenge for early Australia viticulturists, the industry did eventually develop when the industrious James Busby…

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Steinhart Wins . . . Again


Mark DeWolf Steinhart Distillery may be based in a small rural community in Antigonish County, but its spirits are rated amongst the best in the world. Less than six months after taking home medals at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Steinhart Distillery rose to the top of the podium at the New York…

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Behind the Still: Lynne and Pierre of Ironworks Distillery


Mark DeWolf Lynne Mackay and Pierre Guevremont’s Lunenburg-based Distillery ushered in a modern era of craft distilling in Nova Scotia since it opened in 2010 in a converted old blacksmith’s shop. Their committed approach to creating spirits based on the highest quality standards has won them admiration and accolades, from near and far. Occasions: Can…

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Frescobaldi: The Artistry of Tuscan Wine

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Mark DeWolf It has been said the great wines of Tuscany are like fine art. They capture time, place and the passion of the artists that create them. Tuscany’s Frescobaldi family faithfully express the terroir and traditions of Tuscany in their products; an honour they have been performing for the past 700 years. Even though…

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Trends in Coolers

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Mark DeWolf Coolers first started hitting the market in the 1980s. Do you remember Canada Coolers or Bartles and James? The latter, the genius of E & J Gallo, whose commercials featuring the kindly old pairing of Frank and Ed, and ended with “and thank you for your support,” brought a nation’s attention to the…

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