IMO: Italy & San Marzano Tomatoes

Can of Tomatoes

Mark DeWolf, Food and Drinks Editor, Occasions Arrabiata Amore I spend enough time in Italy hosting culinary and wine tours that I’ve come to know some people so well, I think of them as being like family. My Italian mama is Teresa Galli — her name is actually Maria Teresa, but as she says “half the…

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Lia Rinaldo 2 - GS

TROPHY BREWS BY CHRIS MCDONALD, ATLANTIC CANADA BEER BLOG There’s no point in denying that it’s always difficult to see summer coming to an end. Take heart, however, as fall has many redeeming qualities: beautiful colours and scenery, Thanksgiving, and an excuse to return to drinking the appropriate beer styles for the season. The NSLC…

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Most people love the late summer and early fall for the sun, swimming and the chance to get outdoors. I love it for the food! During this time of year, farmers’ markets are overflowing with beautiful local produce and I find it to be a struggle of limiting myself to what my two arms can…

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Simplice in Italian means simple. The beauty of most Italian-inspired pasta dishes is the immense amount of flavour they offer compared to the preparation time. These recipes are quick and easy to prepare and require few ingredients. Have an Italian inspired dinner party by placing large bowls of these pastas in the middle of the table…

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Tartlets with blueberries

The last weeks of summer usher in seasonal fruit pie time. With the scent of fresh pies wafting from kitchens, we’ve been inspired to think of wine, beer, ciders and spirits with their own aromas reminiscent of summer fruits. Wines typically gain their fruity aromas from the grapes themselves or the fermentation process, although some…

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still life with apple cider and fresh apples on wooden table

By Peter Rockwell Read the book, drink the wines While the Nova Scotia wine industry has exploded over the last decade it’s been ten years since anyone celebrated its success in words and pictures. The Wine Lover’s Guide to Atlantic Canada (Nimbus Publishing, $37.95) by Moira Peters and Craig Pinhey, with fantastic photos by sommelier…

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IMO: Sea Salt


      Jeff Van Horne, Lot Six Oyster Bar Salty Cocktails Salt is to bitterness as sweet is to sour. This cocktail uses salt in combination with the Italian Bitter, Campari. The salt draws out the more herbaceous flavours of Campari, which pairs well with the floral notes of tequila. Mexico to Rome (2…

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There’s more to hosting a great lobster boil than the lobster. Be sure to have all the trappings so you can enjoy the bounty of our sea in comfort and style. A Big Pot – In this case, bigger is better, especially if cooking for a crowd. If planning on cooking six or more at a…

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Barbecues and Beer Gardens  By Lia Rinaldo, Managing Director, Devour! The Food Film Fest Summertime! Sing it with me. Remember those moments back in winter when you couldn’t even imagine reaching this blissful time of year again? Well, we have arrived. Backyard barbecues, lazy beach days, farmers markets heaving with fresh produce and road trips around…

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