Finger-Licking Good Ribs

bbq ribs-1

There is no better way to usher in the spring sunshine than to uncover the barbecue and fire up the grill. These sweet and sticky Kansas City-inspired ribs are well worth the time and effort. Though beer is also a logical choice, barbecue ribs make the perfect complement to the rich, dark berry and toasted…

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A Tasty Package

salmon en papillote-2

One of the easiest and healthiest methods of cooking fish is the classic French technique known as en papillote. Steaming the fish in a parchment parcel keeps moisture in the fish while also infusing it with the seasonings with which you choose to flavour it. The bright orange and slight liquorice notes of this salmon…

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Crab served West Coast style

crab salad-1

In this California inspired recipe, tart green apple, rich avocado, crunchy corn, peppery arugula and sweet crab come together for a light yet satisfying salad. Many of the flavours in this refreshing crab salad mirror the crisp character of Pinot Grigio, making it the perfect pairing. Occasions Recommends Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, Italy, $21.49 Next…

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California Dreaming

April 1 Cooking Class

For a taste of summer in the chill of winter, look no further than Californian cuisine. Perhaps the most well-known is the infamous California roll, which consists of maki sushi filled with avocado, cucumber and crab. Instead of using the typical crabstick, which is imitation crab made from pollock, substitute real crab for a richer…

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A Bold Pairing

Photo: Kathy Jollimore

Bold & Full red wines are best paired with big flavours. Inspired by famed Chef Yotam Ottelenghi of London, this dip incorporates Middle Eastern flavours to elevate ordinary hummus. The smooth chickpea dip is topped with aromatic lamb, sweet cherry tomatoes, and slightly spicy harissa oil for an appetizer unlike any other. To customize the…

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Perfect Pasta


In Italy, it is customary to have pasta as the first, or primo, course. While it may seem labour intensive, ravioli makes an impressive appetizer and it can be served as a light main course. As far as the wine to serve, look no further than Smooth & Medium red wines. This style will pair…

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French Country Chic

Cooking Class

Though it may seem labour intensive, homemade rustic pâté makes an impressive start to any meal. Rich yet mildly seasoned, country pâté makes the perfect pairing for light and fruity reds. Simply accompany with baguette, your favourite mustard and sweet cornichons.  Occasions Recommends Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico

A taste of decadence

lobster tart-2

While classic, mini lobster rolls would satisfy any dinner guest, these Vanilla Butter Lobster Tarts are both impressive and easy. Filled with lobster poached in vanilla butter, these flaky puff pastry tarts are served alongside a rich vanilla cream sauce. Whether you serve this dish as an accompaniment to a tasting party, a decadent appetizer,…

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