It’s a Matter of Taste

Craft Beer Sampler

Last week we explored the aromas of beer. In truth, the flavour of any beer is largely attributable to its aroma as our taste buds can only perceive sweetness, saltiness, acidity and bitterness, along with texture. In the case of beer, carbonation is also an important taste influencer. If you want to enhance your beer…

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Be Brazen and Braise with Beer

13028486_l Beer Feb 4

As we discovered this week in Kathy’s Cooking Class, beer can be used to both tenderize and add flavour to meat dishes. Here are some recommendations for classic beer braises. A Canadian Spin on a European Classic An Alsatian dish, Choucoutre, features braised cabbage served with pork, potatoes and other rustic vegetables is traditionally made…

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