A variation of the Caipirinha, which is made with Cachaça, similar to rum and made from sugarcane juice, the Caipiroska utilizes vodka instead, along with fresh limes and brown sugar, creating a smooth, refreshing cocktail. Use crushed ice to create an almost slushee-effect, but if that’s not available, regular ice will do.

Inspired by Ironworks Bluenose Rum

Cocktail 1

By Jared Wall, Level Bar at The Prince George Hotel, Halifax Lunenburg’s Ironworks distillery is crafting a reputation for their premium quality spirits and liqueurs including this rich, dark rum made from Crosby’s Molasses, a classic Maritime ingredient. Strike While the Iron is Cold 2 Servings 2 fl oz Ironworks Bluenose Rum 1/3 fl oz…

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