Trends in Coolers

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Mark DeWolf Coolers first started hitting the market in the 1980s. Do you remember Canada Coolers or Bartles and James? The latter, the genius of E & J Gallo, whose commercials featuring the kindly old pairing of Frank and Ed, and ended with “and thank you for your support,” brought a nation’s attention to the…

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Canadian Success Story Rooted in N.S.


Cam McDonald, Daniel Bartek, and Bobby Besant are three fresh-faced entrepreneurs that have created quite an impression in the cooler sections of the NSLC and liquor stores across the country. The co-owners of Iconic Brewing Co. have helped re-energize this segment with their recipe for hard root beer. This summer, they launched Dusty Boots Hard…

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There’s no better time to entertain in Nova Scotia than the late summer and early fall. The sun is almost always shining and fresh seafood tends to be the order of the day. While white wine has historically been an acknowledged accompaniment to seafood dishes, we recommend taking a new view on seafood and drink…

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Beer and Burger Inspiration


Our love of burgers never seems to go out of style. Gourmet burger joints have grown in popularity, and fine dining restaurants are inspiring us to think of burgers differently by serving up gourmet versions using high quality meats and toppings. But you don’t have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy a gourmet…

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Bold, Dark Brews for a Sunny Day


One of my most lasting memories working under Chef Michael Smith (Inn Chef, Chef Abroad, Chef Michael’s Kitchen) during my restaurant days was his explanation of the purpose of grilling over high-heat. Michael explained it wasn’t to seal in the juices as some would lead you to believe, but to caramelize the outside of the…

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Beer and grilled fare


We all know a cold lager is the typical summer barbecue selection, but did you know that fuller styles of beer, often labelled as Robust & Malty at NSLC stores, can be a better match to the flavours of the grill? Is there anything more satisfying then a perfectly grilled hamburger, dressed with all the…

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Summer Brews with Bite


The cooler is full of ice and the barbecue hot and ready to go. You don’t have to forego flavour when it comes to your beer selections. Many beers boasting a little malt and hoppy complexity can also perform well as summer sippers, especially when matched up with flavours from the grill. The NSLC Beer…

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Light and Refreshing Brews


Summer is finally here! It’s time for warm winter brews to give way to ice buckets full of Flavoured and Refreshing and Light and Refreshing lagers. The NSLC’s Beer Discovery Guides makes it easy for you to find your favourite beers. If you are looking for a light, lively and thirst quenching brew for summer…

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