Cider House Rules


In many parts of the world, including Canada, hard cider is the fastest growing segment of the beverage alcohol market. Its naturally refreshing character and typically restrained alcohol levels appeal to a consumer looking for an alternative to beer and those turning away from sweeter-edged coolers. Traditionally, cider lovers were almost exclusively middle-aged men. Now,…

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It’s Black & White: A Stout & Porter Retrospective


Stout and porter are the beer world’s answer to coffee and chocolate. These bold flavours shared by both beer styles make them distinctly different compared to other ales, but with a shared history and so many variations within each type of beer, it can be hard to decipher the differences between the two. Arguably the…

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Beer Glasses


We asked a couple local experts to tell us their opinion on the best all-purpose beer glass to have on hand for entertaining The Resourceful Choice As a sommelier, I enjoy wine, but my first love was beer. In my early 20s, I volunteered a day a week at a Toronto brewpub to learn more…

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