Crafty Lagers


Rayell Swan, Retail Product Specialist, The Port In recent years, craft beer had become synonymous with high hops, bold flavours, and bitter ales. Light, crisp lagers were a footnote, often associated with big breweries, and rarely made their way into the craft beer conversation. There is now rising demand for craft lager from an audience…

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Noggins Farm Cidery


  By Tika Jakobsen “Eat local. Buy local. Support local.” Noggins Farm encourages healthy choices in Nova Scotia’s communities. In 1760, the Bishop family began farming a thousand acres. With cows, orchards, and fields of veggies, the farm was exactly what comes to mind when you think of an old farmstead. Apples are the family’s…

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It Begins with the Apples


STUTZ and Shipbuilders Cider share more than a common cider maker, Brendan Enright — they both are crafted from 100 per cent Nova Scotia grown apples in Windsor, the gateway to the Annapolis Valley. STUTZ uses 7 apple varieties and Shipbuilders 8, but they aren’t the same. According to Barbara Thomson, who creates cider recipes…

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No Boats on Sunday Cider


“It’s the simple things in life that bring us the greatest joy” Andrew Peller’s words have served as the core value of “Andrew Peller Limited” since 1961, when he established the winery—then called “Andres Wine” because of its similarity to his baptismal name, Andreas, but with a slight French air. The winery would later grow…

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Spindrift: Setting a New Course for Craft


Andy Armstrong speaks passionately and confidently about Spindrift, his new Dartmouth-based brewery. He has good reason to. The brewery was launched in 2016 as a partnership between Armstrong and Andrew Bell, both of whom have enjoyed success in beverage alcohol representation and other businesses, which gives them a fundamental understanding of the logistics of running…

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Gahan: Prince Edward Island’s Small but Mighty Beer Brand


The PEI Brewing Company, producers of Gahan, currently one of the largest breweries in the Maritimes, came from humble beginnings. Island entrepreneur Kevin Murphy originally opened the brewery as the Lone Star Brewing Co. in 1997, operating in the Lone Star Restaurant in Charlottetown. The small, 5 hL system started with three beers, available on…

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For the ‘Hell’ of It


When Hell Bay Brewing opened in 2011, it was a welcome newcomer to the underdeveloped South Shore brewing scene. Co-owners Mark Baillie and Melanie Perron launched in their backyard, in Cherry Hill, when there were only a handful of other breweries in the province, making it one of the first in the current wave of…

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