The perfect pour


Shape Up The perfect pour begins with the right glassware. While most of us enjoy beer from a standard Pilsner or shaker glass (a straight-edge pint glass) or even straight from the bottle, there is value in stocking your cupboard with some shapely glassware. Many beer experts recommend using a glass with a slightly inward…

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Winter ales

cw19751591_l Beer

Along with the holidays comes a bitter chill in the air, but also the promise of a new range of seasonal, limited-release seasonally inspired ales. Some winter ales are full-on spicy brews, brimming with flavours. Those labelled as winter warmers often have been seasoned with ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon or cloves. Other seasonal winter…

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Cider House Rules


In many parts of the world, including Canada, hard cider is the fastest growing segment of the beverage alcohol market. Its naturally refreshing character and typically restrained alcohol levels appeal to a consumer looking for an alternative to beer and those turning away from sweeter-edged coolers. Traditionally, cider lovers were almost exclusively middle-aged men. Now,…

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