Beer Book Baskets


Mark DeWolf|Beer Building Blocks   If you just can’t bring yourself to give your husband another tie, or your wife another bottle of perfume this holiday season, then consider appealing to their sense of sight, taste and smell this season by creating a special beer-inspired gift basket accompanied with a book on the subject. A…

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Vietnamese cuisine; local beer pairing


‘When it comes to the brews to pair, I often instinctively reach for a similarly light and fragrant style. While American-style Pales Ales would have the citrus tones to match, their bold flavours often overpower the light texture of classic Vietnamese dishes . . .’ Mark DeWolf I’ve always loved Vietnamese cuisine. The flavour is…

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You don’t always have to use wine when making your favourite stew recipes. Sometimes it’s better to grab a can of beer. Rich & Malty brews add an incredible depth of flavour to braised meat dishes. Beer styles such as Red Ales, Brown Ales, Porters and Stouts have malt flavours ranging from caramel to roasted…

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A taste of curry and local IPA


Mark DeWolf | BEER BUILDING BLOCKS Curry takes many different forms, as cultural and regional differences within India produce a staggering amount of variations. If you are like me, even though you know curry has so many different permutations for mid-week dining, it’s often just a dish that you add curry powder to as a means…

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Nova Scotia’s Small-Scale Coastal Brewing Traditions


Mark DeWolf Halifax has deep-rooted beer making traditions connected to our coastal origins. Of course, we all know the story of Alexander Keith’s. The brewery was founded in 1820 by Alexander Keith, one of the most influential figures in our city’s history. His signature Alexander Keith’s IPA (India Pale Ale) became the preferred drink of…

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