Hey, Hey Beaujolais!


Mark DeWolf There is a joyous nature to the release of Beaujolais Nouveau. The annual event takes place tomorrow, where every year, Beaujolais producers release their freshly fermented grape juice on the third Thursday of November. Beaujolais Nouveau seems to transcend its wine-ness. In truth, it is a wine style that isn’t about contemplation or…

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Vietnamese cuisine; local beer pairing


‘When it comes to the brews to pair, I often instinctively reach for a similarly light and fragrant style. While American-style Pales Ales would have the citrus tones to match, their bold flavours often overpower the light texture of classic Vietnamese dishes . . .’ Mark DeWolf I’ve always loved Vietnamese cuisine. The flavour is…

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Alberta Premium Rye Whiskies


The start of a great Canadian rye cocktail Mark DeWolf The rye revolution has begun. Whisky enthusiasts, who had long passed by the “rye whisky” section, are now seeking out versions made with a large amount, and even 100 per cent, rye. By law, Canadian whisky familiarly known as rye whisky, is typically made from…

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Caponata: a taste of Sicily


Kathy Jollimore A staple on the Sicilian table, caponata is a sweet and sour salad of eggplant, tomatoes, green olives, and capers. It’s very versatile on the dinner table. Try it as a crostini topping as an appetizer, serve it as a side dish with fish, or enjoy as a main course as a vegetarian…

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Puglia Pasta: It’s Perfecto


Kathy Jollimore Most commonly served with broccoli rabe, ear-shaped orecchiette is Puglia’s most popular pasta. With bacon, ricotta and the less bitter kale, this easy main course pasta comes together in minutes. Orecchiette with Kale, Bacon and Ricotta 4 servings Prep Time: Less than 30 min Total Time: Less than 30 min 1/2 lb orecchiette…

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Crowning Achievements


Mark DeWolf Crown Royal, one of Canada’s stalwart Canadian Whisky brands came to the world’s attention last year when its Northern Harvest Rye was awarded the 2016 World Whiskey of the Year by Jim Murray. “Rye, that most eloquent of grains, not just turning up to charm and enthral but to also take us through…

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Bordeaux Blends


Mark DeWolf California vintners in the 1960s and ’70s made grape varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon famous. Over the last decade, or two, California has returned to its roots as red blends are making a big comeback. Blended wines range from traditional Bordeaux blends (known in California as Meritage) made using the same…

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