Loving Lemonade


While France’s reputation for spirits has historically rested in the arms of the Cognac region, a new age of spirit producers is giving vodka a shot. It should come as no surprise that France is home to some of the best vodka in the world. France’s long history of distillation, particularly in the southwest where…

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Refreshing Blender Drinks


Summer is here and before it vanishes, it’s time to get out the blender for some refreshing blender drinks. While the concept of blender drinks has lost some of its appeal with modern mixologists, you don’t have to serve up ’70s-style Pina Coladas or super sweet Daiquiris. Here are some tips for making great modern-style…

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Inspired by Cranberries


During the holiday season, anything red and green is most definitely in vogue — clothes, decorations, food and certainly cocktails! Cranberries are the ideal candidate as the official berry of the holiday season. Besides meeting the colour standard, cranberries offer a refreshing, bitter flavour — a quality used in a lot of beverages during the…

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