All Hail English Ale

April 8 Brewing Team c1908

The artisanal beer movement owes a lot to England’s long history of beer. Many of England’s traditional beer styles, such as Bitter, Pale Ale and Porter, have become standards of the modern craft beer movement. Enjoy a taste of history with these beers, made by historic English breweries, available at NSLC stores.


Old Speckled Hen is rooted in history as it was originally brewed by Morland Brewery, before that brewery was purchased by Greene King, which has been in operation for more than 200 years. The beer, labelled as Pale Ale, but made in a more approachable style reminiscent of a Bitter, delivers caramel, toffee and molasses bread malt notes and very mild hop bitterness in the finish. Drink this one with simple pub fare, such as ploughman’s lunch featuring country cheddar, sliced brown bread and cured meats.


Wells might be a newbie compared to Greene King (producers of Old Speckled Hen) andFuller’s, but still has nearly 150 years of brewing tradition. This one is on the mild side of the English IPA style with more malt character than hop bitterness. It makes a good match to simple foods, such as roast chicken.


Quite simply this one is a modern classic. Fuller’s can trace the first evidence of brewing at its historic Griffin Brewery to the 16th century, but despite the popularity of Porter in the 1700s, they didn’t launch their Porter until the 20th century. This modern interpretation of a couple of classic British beer styles boasts an abundance of upfront decadent chocolate notes married with a little espresso bitterness in the finish. While chocolate seems like a natural marriage for this beer, I suggest a night in with Fuller’s and a bowl of beef stew.

Occasions Recommends:

Old Speckled Hen
Wells IPA
Fullers London Porter

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