A Rosé Right for the Occasion

38744200_lClassic expressions, such as many traditional French versions, like those from Bordeaux, often showcase a relatively dry taste profile, whereas others can have a touch of sweetness.
Use our Wine Discovery Guide to find one that’s right for you.

Chillin’ with Red Wine
While all shades of red wine are available year round, the heat of the summer season triggers a shift to reds on the lighter spectrum. Unlike most red wines, this low in tannin, fruit forward (strawberry, cherry, and raspberry) style actually benefits from a light chill. And by chill, I suggest putting these wines in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before serving, or place in an ice bucket for 10 minutes.
Be careful not to cool them down too much as you’ll risk losing some of their great fruity flavours.

Chill Out with Beaujolais Villages
The wines of this region of France, made from the Gamay grape, make a great accompaniment to a late afternoon picnic. Chilling out with this wine style sounds like time well spent to me.

Kiwi Cool
Pinot Noir is a temperamental grape known for its thin skins and delicate nose reminiscent of strawberry, cherry and earthy nuances. Be cool and try a Pinot from New Zealand.

An Al Fresco Dining Companion
Northern Italy’s Barbera grape makes lovely, zesty uncomplicated red wines bursting with fruit flavours. Serve Barbera slightly chilled while dining al fresco.

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