Backyard extravagance

Tools Trade Luxury Picnic Basket - Bigger

There’s a spot for everything in the luxury basket from Picnic and Beyond, including dishes, flatware and wine glasses for four, stainless steel food containers and even salt and pepper shakers. 

Tools Trade LL Bean Blanket - BiggerCool and comfortable

L.L. Bean makes a waterproof blanket with polyurethane-coated nylon backing and a cosy fleece surface that’s perfect for picnic dining.



Tools Trade Folding Chair Cooler - BiggerIt’s all you need

If you hate sitting on the ground, sit back and relax on a folding chair/cooler combination from Preferred Nation.



Tools Trade Vacuvin 2 - BiggerSummer chillin’

The Vacu Vin Active Cooler chills wine in five minutes and keeps a bottle cold for hours.



Tools Trade Excursion Deluxe Cooler - BiggerThe ultimate in luxury

Haul your picnic gear on wheels with the Excursion Deluxe Cooler, which includes two insulated compartments to hold four bottles of wine, a lined food compartment, dishes for four and a second attached cooler.

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